Cookies are small files that websites save on our devices through which we use the Internet (computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones). They have many functions, among others thanks to them websites remember individual user preferences (such as site language, color, layout, content distribution).
Cookies are needed for the proper functioning of websites, such as those requiring authorization - e.g. when logging into an email account or an online store (in addition, they help store goods put into a shopping cart in online stores).

They also make it possible to personalize websites in terms of the content displayed and the tailoring of ads. They also allow us to create anonymous statistics on website visits, but can be used to track our online activity. 

If the user does not like such collection of information, they can disable cookies in their web browser.

How do I change my cookie settings in different browsers?

• Mozilla Firefox – click here

• Microsoft Internet Explorer - click here

• Google Chrome - click here

• Opera - click here

• Apple Safari - click here

• on cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices - we encourage you to review the privacy options on your mobile device manufacturer's website.